An Important UPDATE

Medi Alarm are moving from $45 per year to $70 per year as the 21st of March 2022.

We've re-evaluated the cost of the Telstra SIM card subscriptions and are increasing the annual fee by $25. 

SIM Card Change Summary

OLD: $45/year


NEW: $70/year


What is the Telstra SIM Card Subscription?

The Telstra SIM Card subscription is set up when you order a Medi Alarm to keep the SIM card in the Medi Alarm active allowing it to make international calls and SMS messages to the contacts programmed to the device.

Ensuring your SIM card is active with sufficient funding each year is crucial. As the SOS response involves the initial bulk SMS message process before the call sequence, it requires an active and topped up SIM card to connect to the Telstra towers.

Can I put my own SIM card in the device?

Absolutely! However, it is important that you notify the Medi Alarm Team on 1300 665 322 to prevent the automatic creation of the Telstra SIM Card subscription. We can then prepare your device without the SIM card and ship relelvant information for you to install your own SIM card. 

Download the 'SIM Installation Guide'