Ensure every SOS message is answered quickly with 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Our 24/7 monitoring team will answer the call when your fall detection pendant activates an emergency response, and ensure your loved one gets the help they need as soon as possible.

  • Program Medi Alarm with the phone numbers of our 24/7 monitoring team
  • Receive FREE wristband, FREE belt clip, FREE key safe lock box
  • Never pay for credit when you have a monitoring subscription
  • 24/7 monitoring team will alert nominated emergency contacts and 000

24/7 monitoring payment plans

Save 10% off your monthly 24/7 alarm monitoring service when you pay on a yearly basis



24/7 Monitoring Service Monthly Subscription

24/7 Monitoring Service Monthly Subscription


$50 per month

($600 per year)

$540 per year




No autodialers. Talk to a real person who is right here in Australia

24/7 monitoring team on call to respond to SOS message

24/7 monitoring service will call 000 and relay any relevant medical information


Our team stays on the phone until paramedics arrive

We notify your choice of 3 emergency contacts

No lock in contract

Yearly subscriptions that benefit from the 10% discount can not be refunded after 30 days have elapsed. 

FREE Telstra sim subscription

FREE key safe lock box

FREE belt clip



FREE wristband


Who needs 24/7 alarm monitoring?

Medi Alarm monitoring for time poor families

Ensure your loved one gets immediate access to the help they need, even when you’re in a business meeting, putting the kids in the bath, or fast asleep.

  • Parents of young children
  • Career driven families
  • Primary care givers
  • Business owners

24/7 alarm monitoring is an excellent choice for families who lead busy lives. Maybe you spend your entire day in one business meeting after the other? Or maybe you’re already responsible for family members who are dependent on you. 

Our 24/7 monitoring service will allow you to continue going about your normal schedule. Our team will pick up the phone when the SOS message is triggered, and respond accordingly to the situation. 

We will call 000 for you, alert the contacts of your choosing, and advise the emergency responders of any relevant medical information you have provided us with.

Medi Alarm monitoring for high risk individuals

Our 24/7 alarm monitoring team will respond quickly to emergencies to make sure that help arrives quickly, when your loved one sends out an SOS message.

  • People with disability
  • Sick or injured people
  • Elderly fall detector wearers

A lot of our customers with disabilities, illnesses, or who are prone to falling, opt to use our 24/7 monitoring service. It provides additional peace of mind to both the wearer of the alarm and their family.

Our trained monitoring team will have all the necessary information on hand, so that they can inform emergency services of your medical history and medications you take. 

Give our friendly team a call today to find out more about our 24/7 monitoring service. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

Medi Alarm monitoring for businesses

Keep your employees safe with our 24/7 monitoring service for both small and large businesses. Call us today to find out how the Medi Alarm can protect your staff.

  • Retail Shops
  • Cafes and bars
  • Gyms

Our team at Medi Alarm is busting the myth that personal duress alarms can only be used for elderly or disabled individuals. The alarm works perfectly as a SOS emergency alert device as well. 

24/7 monitoring is an excellent option for business owners, especially if your business is open late hours. Our team will pick up the phone quickly, and you can rest assured your employees are safe.

Make your team feel safe and protected when they are at work with our personal duress alarm and 24/7 alarm monitoring service.

What does 24/7 security monitoring include?

Ensure a fast response from an informed, trained, team when the personal duress alarm sends out an SOS.