How to use the Automatic Pill Dispenser Timer

Wondering how to set up a Pill Dispenser? We've provided an easy step-by-step process below. Once the pill dispenser timer is set up, you can sit back and let the device do the rest of the work for you.

1. Inserting the batteries

Firstly, turn the device upside-down.

Then, slide the battery latch and door and remove them.

Insert 4 AA batteries in the correct polarity orientation, replace the door, and watch the LCD turn on when viewing the screen on your pill dispenser.

2. Opening or locking the top cover

If locked, find the cover lock on the bottom of the device and insert the lock key, rotate it clockwise, and unlock.

You can then press the cover handle in green to then open it.

To unlock the top cover, close the cover by pressing the handle down allowing it to latch on, then turn your lock key counterclockwise when insert from the bottom side.

Pill dispenser cover open, top cover of alarm open, open lid to insert pills.

3. Dosage ring placement 

Your pill dispenser comes with 9 different dosage rings.

These dosage rings correspond to the number of times per day that the device will need to set off the alarm and release the medication.

Set the dosage ring in the correct position, and secure the tab by folding it down.

Place the pills in the correct dosages as marked on the ring and be sure not to place them in the areas with red markings.

4. Taking your medication and stopping the alarm

Once the alarm sounds, slide the cover to open up your dispense door.

Then, tilt the pill dispenser and tip the pills into your palm.

This action will cause the alarm to shut off automatically.

5. Low battery & Power Saving Mode

You can view the battery status on the LCD screen of your medication timer.

When the symbol is no longer solid or has one bar left, the batteries need to be replaced to ensure proper functioning.

If you notice the screen going off after several minutes, this is simply the power-saving mode function.

Touch the device or move it slightly to wake the screen up. 

6. Setting the alarm timer

Open the top cover as stated previously in step 2. 

1) Setting the clock time Press and hold button A for 3 seconds until the ":" stops flashing. Press button B to adjust the hour digits and press button B or C to speed up the digits. To confirm clock settings, press button A.

2) Setting Medication Times Press button A once to reveal the alarm clock symbol with the number 1 on the bottom corner of the screen. Adjust the hour digits with button B, and the minutes digits with button C.

To confirm the alarm, press button A before the next alarm setting "2" is displayed. Repeat the process until you have all 6 alarms set. The device will then return to normal clock mode. To cancel any alarms, continue pressing button B until "--:--" is displayed. This will occur after "23:--" or "11:--" is displayed on the LCD screen.

If you have any questions about the 28 Compartment Automatic Pill Dispenser, please call us today.