Medi Alarm Pro 4G

$74.55 (15%) OFF our normal price of $497


With our Black Friday Sale the following is included FREE!

  • Wristband 
  • Belt Clip
  • Lanyard 
  • Charging Dock
  • Telstra SIM managed by Medi Alarm $45 per year, first 6 months FREE

24/7 Monitoring Yearly

$52 (10%) OFF our normal price of $520 when you pay yearly


When you choose 24/7 monitoring the following is included FREE!

  • Key Safe Lock Box 
  • FREE Telstra SIM managed by Medi Alarm (don't pay $45 per year)

WAS $497. NOW $422.45 

Savings you can't miss! 15% OFF THE MEDI ALARM 4G PRO

What's Included?

- The Medi Alarm 4G PRO
- Charging Dock
- Wall Adapter
- Telstra SIM card with 6 months of FREE credit/$45 per year after
- Lanyard
- Medi Alarm PRO 4G Wristband - Normally $29.95!
- Medi Alarm PRO 4G Belt Clip - Normally $29.95!

PS. We do all the programming for you! There is no set up required. Simply provide us with the list of emergency contacts of choice and in your preferred order and you're good to go!

When you choose our weekly option - you pay $15 a week, when you choose our monthly option - you pay $50 a month. With our yearly option you would normally pay $520 a year(yes, this is already $80 cheaper than our monthly option!).

Choosing our yearly option means you'll be covered with our 24/7 Monitoring service for a full year (365 days) before renewing your service. For this years exclusive Cyber Monday deal, you can SAVE AN EXTRA 10%!

Our Medi Alarm 24/7 Monitoring team can answer the emergency call anytime, day or night. You can rest assured, knowing your loved ones can get help when they need it, as soon as possible. Our team will stay on the phone with them until help arrives and contact family, friends or 000, depending on the situation.

-The emergency call will be answered by our friendly team.
-Our team will get help, and stay on the call with your loved one until help arrives.
-Never pay for Telstra credit when you have a monitoring subscription

Please note: We collect information such as recent health concerns, property access instructions, your chosen 4 digit key safe lock box code and more to ensure we can direct emergency services or your contacts with accuracy. Please have these details ready.

Cyber Monday Yearly 24/7 Monitoring
Cyber Monday Yearly 24/7 Monitoring
Cyber Monday Yearly 24/7 Monitoring
Cyber Monday Yearly 24/7 Monitoring

For any further assistance or enquires, please contact our friendly team.

Email us at:
Call us on:1300 663 522